Beyond skin —
Quite Simply, We Care

Who We Are &
What We’re All About

East 29th creates with you in mind.
We know you are open-minded individuals that care 
about quality products and natural ingredients.

As the world and industry continue to evolve, we cannot define you by age or gender, but we are confident you believe in taking care of yourselves inside and out.


We realized our potential exploring the physical and mental health benefits associated with adding lemon rinds in various forms into our daily lives and the results created clean skin but, most importantly, boosted our mental clarity.


We understand the importance of using natural ingredients that support being a part of the clean beauty movement while also implementing minimalistic and essential solutions to your skincare needs. What distinguishes us from other skincare brands is our knowledge that where their journey of providing you with better skin ends, ours is just beginning.


East 29th is creating solutions that go beyond clearing your skin; we want to focus on the union of elements (body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations) that we call ‘self’ so that you can embody our essence, natural confidence.

Mission & Values

To ensure skincare goes hand in hand with self-care.
Lead with honesty and remain humble.
Celebrate intelligence, while remaining soft.
Listen to hear, not to respond.
To embody natural confidence and maintain integrity.
Evolve, always in all ways.

East 29th’s mission is to establish a conscious dialogue that connects both the physical and mental health awareness behind the clean beauty movement while embodying a mindful transition to not only being seen but also felt.

two bottles of vital serum

Natural Confidence is who we are at our core.
A conscious connection within ourselves that we wear externally. 
A simple understanding that the key ingredient to looking good is feeling good.
 East 29th is Natural Confidence.