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The Vancouver Clean & Cruelty-Free Mother’s Day Gift Guide


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The Vancouver Clean & Cruelty-Free Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and finding the perfect gift for the person who has given you so much can be a tough task. Mother’s Day is about celebrating your mother figure, the individual or individuals who have had a significant influence on your life.

Whether you're looking for something luxurious, tasty, or artisan, we’ve curated a Vancouver-based gift guide featuring some of our favourite women-led, cruelty-free, and clean businesses in (or around) the city. Keep reading to find a perfect gift for your mother figure this Mother’s Day.

25 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved One



Formula Fig offers technology-led and result-driven immersive skincare experiences that focuses on clean products and effective treatments. Formula Fig has three locations around Vancouver.

If you are in East Vancouver, we suggest treating your loved one to a Radiance + Renewal Facial or a Collagen + Texture Facial at their Main Street location at 3570 Main St, Vancouver.


The Radiance + Renewal Facial is a gentle laser resurfacing treatment that’s designed to create millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of skin. This treatment stimulates collagen production and removes dead cells leading to refreshed and healthier-looking skin. It includes the use of the fractional Laser, a cryo lymphatic massage, and LED light therapy.


The Collagen + Texture Facial is a treatment that uses nano-needling technology to create microchannels in the skin for deeper serum concentrate penetration and collagen stimulation. The result is rejuvenated and oxygenated skin, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increased cell renewal and elasticity. It includes nano-needling, a cryo lymphatic massage, LED light therapy, and the ultrasonic skin slider.

If you are in Kitsilano, we suggest treating them to an All-In Facial or a Lift + Tone Facial at their Kits location at 2050 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver.


The All-In Facial combines exfoliation with high-tech lifting, sculpting, and hydration techniques to go “all-in” on your skin. The results include improved muscle tone, facial circulation and contours, lifted jowls and eyebrows, and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The All-In Facial includes diamond-tipped microdermabrasion, microcurrent, ultrasound, LED light therapy, and the ultrasonic skin slider.


The Lift + Tone Facial is a non-invasive treatment that uses medical-grade technologies to lift and strengthen skin. It includes a microcurrent, radiofrequency, LED light therapy, and the ultrasonic skin slider.

If you are in North or West Vancouver, we suggest treating them to a LED + Lymphatic Facial or, if you are treating a mom-to-be, to a Pregnancy Facial, at their Ambleside location at 1333 Bellevue Avenue.


The LED + Lymphatic Facial uses multi-LED light therapy to recharge and rejuvenate skin cells, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage. It’s designed to improve facial circulation, reduce acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase cell renewal, and for stress relief. It includes gua sha, LED light therapy, and the ultrasonic skin slider.



The Pregnancy Facial was designed to be a gentle facial for the skin during pregnancy. They use nourishing products including an exfoliating mask with fruit enzymes. The benefits include lymphatic drainage, diminished imperfections, and reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. The Pregnancy Facial includes a pressurized oxygen serum infusion, a cryo lymphatic massage, LED light therapy, and the Ultrasonic Skin Slider.



Dalaga Beauty + Wellness is a women-owned beauty studio located at 
4158 Main St, Vancouver that offers eyelash, eyebrow, and facial treatments. Dalaga focuses on sustainability and supporting local brands that share their dedication to ensuring inclusivity and positivity. 

If you are interested in booking your mother figure in for one of their facials this Mother’s Day, we recommend: 


The Dalaga Facial is designed to refresh and revitalize all skin types. It includes a double cleanse, peel, facial extractions and massage, masque, LED light therapy treatment, and skin care & SPF. 


The Natural Face Lift Massage works in complete synergy with your body's natural anti-aging defence systems. It uses a series of micro-movements to help lift the facial muscles and rejuvenate the face while relaxing your mind. It includes a double cleanse, breath work, a facelift massage, skincare, and therapeutic grounding.




Jaana Ashley Organic Skin Care is an organic and holistic skin care specialist with a studio located at 1589 W 6th Avenue, Vancouver Jaana believes in providing nourishment, facilitating healing, and restoring vitality by eliminating toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Treat your loved one to one of Jaana’s facials this Mother’s Day. We suggest both the Glow and Refresh + Renew Facial.


Tailored to each person’s skin needs, the Glow facial is designed to provide deep relaxation. Using unique and specialized treatment techniques, this facial will leave you with improved skin texture, a more even skin tone, and a gorgeous glow.


The Refresh + Renew Facial smooths skin texture, improves the appearance of fine lines, refines pore size, and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring. It includes microdermabrasion, enzyme exfoliation, LED light therapy, and high frequency.


Treat Them to Local Gifts


The Little Mountain Shop is a Vancouver-based brand founded by Natasha Neale that cultivates community by organizing local pop-up shops at partnering spaces around Vancouver. Follow them on Instagram @littlemtnshop to find out where they are in Vancouver and who they are partnering with in real time. They are always partnering with a great local brand offering thoughtful products. 




ZIMT Chocolate is located at 1336 Clark Drive in Vancouver and is a women-owned, zero-waste, vegan chocolate cafe and factory.  If your mother figure has a sweet tooth, we suggest anything and everything from ZIMT Chocolates. In particular, their Espresso Tahina Praline Bar, The Milkless Way Bar or any of their Zero Waste Candy Bars.


Located at 4410 W 10th Avenue, Habit Trading Co. is a proud supporter of artists and artisans- from potters, and weavers, to painters and creators. They proudly showcase items created by women in marginalized communities, assisting them to better provide for their families.

We love so many of the items Habit has to offer. In particular:

  • Ceramic Bud Vase in Sand
  • Glass Incense Holder/Burner in Amber
  • Sunrise/Sunset Planter
  • Amber Glass Plant Sprayer

  • //


    The High-End Hippie is a female-owned company operating and residing on the Sylix Territory of the Okanagan. They make and ship small batch, personal care products with lots of love. 

    Treat your loved one to one of their shampoo and conditioner bars sets this Mother’s Day. We love the:


    Including both shampoo and conditioning bars made with lavender, ylang ylang and milky oats, the Restore Set was designed to restore dry and damaged hair. Trace minerals, Moroccan clay, and milky oats help remineralize and condition, leaving healthier-looking hair. 


    Including both shampoo and conditioning bars made with rosemary, peppermint, and lavender, the Awaken Set was designed to transform fine and thin hair. It was also designed to awaken the senses and stimulate circulation with the invigorating aroma of rosemary and peppermint oil.  




    Stone Fox Hair Salon, located at 158 E 11th Avenue in Vancouver is a Green Circle Certified Salon that offers gender-free pricing. The salon is also home to their store called The Den Modern Apothecary which focuses on carrying women-owned, Canadian-made products.

    We highly recommend any of their products for a thoughtful, socially conscious Mother’s Day Gift.

    Dine with Them at Women-Led Cafes and Restaurants




    Located at ​​1399 Commercial Drive, Livia Sweets is a family bakery and Italian restaurant run by husband and wife duo Claire Livia Lassam and Jordan Pires. It's a community hub with beautiful coffee and fabulous food. Visit their restaurant for brunch or baked goods, or visit ahead of time and purchase one of their Preserves Box for your mother figure.




    Located at 1508 Nanaimo Street, To Live For Bakery is a women-owned vegan bakeshop. Plan a visit on Mother’s Day and try their lemon poppyseed loaf, vegan soft serve, or featured croissants.

    Spend Time with Them Doing Something That's Good for The Body


    Book a cycling class together at Dib Fit Cycle, a women-owned, inclusive cycling studio located at 806 Homer Street. 

    All of their classes are fantastic however we recommend trying Cycle 45 or Althlete50 with your mother figure.

    CYCLE 45

    A classic 45-minute class, combining dance moves, an upper body workout with weights, and interval cycling set to upbeat music.


    A 50-minute athletic-based high-intensity strength and resistance class is the perfect opportunity to connect with your inner athlete. This class is great if your loved one likes less choreography and more of a focus on resistance, and weights.

    Our mother figures deserve so much and so do our women-led, socially conscious, and thoughtful community businesses. We hope that this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

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